MN Natural Health Coalition
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Phones:   Leo Cashman, 651-644-4572
                Jerri Johnson, 651-688-6515
         In 1997, Minnesota Natural Health Coalition (MNHC) was formed to protect our consumer access to naturopaths and other such unlicensed practitioners and to the holistic doctors and dentists who were practicing differently from the "standard of care" - they were practicing in a way that was better than the standard of care. Working with a health freedom-conscious attorney, MNHC formulated a legislative solution to the problem for our state of Minnesota, and a sister non-profit group, the MN Natural Health Legal Reform Project, launched a successful multi year campaign that climaxed in the passage of the Complementary and Alternative Health Care Freedom of Access Act of 2000. Since then, MNHC has been a leader in educating practitioners and the general public about this law, Chapter 146A of the Minnesota Statutes, and how it protects a consumer's access to a whole array of unlicensed practitioners and how it protect of the rights of unlicensed practitioners to practice.
         The organizations's work today includes a number of programs and projects which are described in following pages of this web site. All of them are educational in nature and all of them fit in with the organization's natural health and health freedom mission.
         MNHC has worked to alert the public about the hazards of toxic vaccinations and, in particular, warns the public about the hazards of flu shots and other vaccinations that contain Thimerosal, a dangerous mercury compound. We also urge a safe, natural health approach in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, as opposed to relying on a Covid "vaccine" to provide a rescue from the Covid pandemic. Coercive measures to pressure or even force people into taking the covid shots are a violation of the fundamental principles of health freedom and we strongly oppose such pressure, including any and all vaccine mandates. Citizens have a right to pursue their health objectives naturally and should not be required to conform to one-size-fits-all vaccine mandates or any other medical mandates.   See the web site for details about Right to Refuse legislation here in Minnesota and in other states around the country.
         Safer alternatives to the vaccination approach may be found in homeopathy, good nutrition, vitamins and minerals, and other safer approaches to building the immune system and overall health.
        We are allied with The National Vaccine Information Center, which helps people understand what their rights are on a state by state basis and which stands strongly for health freedom principles with regard to the vaccine issues.
         We are also allied with the national health freedom organization National Health Freedom Coalition, and we refer people to its web site
         Mercury in dentistry and fluoride, as used in dentistry and as added to the drinking water, are both toxic elements that are best avoided. DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) is an allied non-profit organization that has a web site,, and a phone contact at 651-644-4572 for more information about the dental-health connections. DAMS has its own list of holistic dentists in Minnesota and in other states, and has a wealth of information on the dental health pitfalls, how to avoid or to escape from them.
          Special projects of MNHC that are active today are Stop Geoengineering MN and Safe Technology Minnesota.
          Stop Geoengineering MN is a fiscally sponsored project that educates the public about covert aerosal spraying that spray our skies with metal oxide particulates and other harmful substances, negatively impacting our health and the environment.
          Safe Technology Minnesota, a fiscally sponsored project that educates the public about the hazards of the growing exposures we have to microwave radiation, as from cell towers, cell phones, Wi-Fi and smart meters.
          See following pages on this web site for more about these projects.