Life Unlimited,
a project of MNHC
Life Unlimited provides presentations on health topics

This educational health lecture series is one of the educational activities of MNHC.
           Life Unlimited is the name of a lecture series program that consists of
a monthly health lecture series that meets ten months out of the year. Typical topics include diet, nutrition, lifestyle, vaccine safety, protection from toxic EMFs and health freedom. Admission is inexpensive and is open to the public.
           Ask to receive an e-mail notice of its upcoming meetings - the date and time, the location, the speaker and a description of the topic - by calling Leo Cashman at 651-644-4572 or by e-mailing to  <> . Say that you want to be added to the Life Unlimited e-list so as to get the monthly meeting notices. Those who cannot get access to the e-mails may ask to get notices that are sent out by US mail.
            There is also a Life Unlimited web site that serves to post notices of upcoming meetings. It is