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About Us

        MNHC educates the public about Minnesota's "Safe Harbor Exemption Law," which was enacted in 2000. The statute, which carries the titles Chapter 146A, is  known as the Alternative Health Care Freedom of Access Act. This statute carves out an area of law under which most unlicensed health care practitioners can practice what they do without fear of being prosecuted by the state medical board for "practicing medicine without a license." Upon request, we provide a "practitioner packet" to such practitioners, to explain the law and how to comply with it in order to come under its protections. Unlicensed practitioners may call 651-644-4572 in order to order a practitioner packet.       
        The practitioner packet, sent out for a modest fee, includes a copy of the 146A statute, some discussion of how the law works, and a sample "Client Bill of Rights" that serves as a model for the Client Bill of Rights that an unlicensed practitioner must give out to his/her clients in order to be in compliance with the provisions of the statute. 
With the help of this packet, many unlicensed practitioners learn about Chapter 146A and how to comply with it, typically without needing to consult an attorney who specializes in this matter. So, do not hesitate to call 651-644-4572 to request that a practitioner packet be mailed out to you.